Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 a.m. at Ocean Point

Low Lying Clouds at Ocean Point
Oil on oil-primed linen mounted on board
11" x 14"
$1100 SOLD

Green Island at Grimes Cove is one of my favourite subjects to paint. I have painted it many many times in every imaginable light...and will most likely paint it many times more. It has almost become the Motif #1 of Boothbay. This little island has gone through so many metamorphases since I started painting it 16 years ago. The trees on the left were tiny then and there were more tall trees and an osprey nest. Since then storms have knocked down some of the tall trees and the little tree has grown up. The life cycle can be watched and painted through this island. The day I painted this the low lying clouds were streaking across the sky. It was about 7 am. The light was changing rapidly so I had to capture it quickly. It was glorious!

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